Keynote Speakers

PHILIP ALPERSON, Professor of Philosophy

Director, Center for Vietnamese Philosophy, Culture, and Society,

Ph.D., University of Toronto, 1979; M.A., University of Toronto, 1973

Professor Alperson’s main interests are in aesthetics, the philosophy of the arts, theory of culture, value theory, and theories of interpretation and criticism, with special interests in the philosophy of music and philosophical questions concerning creativity, performance, and improvisation. Professor Alperson was the editor of The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, the journal of the American Society of Aesthetics, from 1993 – 2003 and is the General Editor of the Blackwell Series, Foundations of Aesthetics. He is currently at work on a book on the philosophy of music. He is the Founding Director of the Center for Vietnamese Philosophy, Culture, and Society and was the Founding Director of the Center for the Humanities at Temple. He directs the Department's faculty exchange program with Vietnam, leading yearly seminars in Hanoi. He is also a sometime jazz musician.


TIA DENORA, Professor of Sociology of Music and Director of Research, Sociology/Philosophy

BA (West Chester), M.A., PhD (UCSD)

Professor DeNora works as a cultural sociologist. Most of her research deals with musical topics, with a special focus on music's uses and powers in social life. Her current work includes a longitudinal project on music and mental health, in collaboration with Nordoff Robbins Centre for Music Therapy. She has also worked in the area of the sociology of science and technology and have a committed interest in lay expertise and local, or 'bottom-up', methods of knowledge production/transmission.