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Urkujen kuva

University of Jyväskylä small festival hall
  • Koskimies, Iivari Eliel 1914
  • 7 stops, 2 manuals and pedal
  • pneumatic action and pneumatic stop action

In the small festival hall of the University of Jyväskylä there is an organ built by Iivari E. Koskimies, music teacher at the seminary, in 1914. Valanki reports that the pipes came from Walcker in Germany but the pneumatic machinery from Kangasala. However, the structure of the latter indicates that they too in fact came from Walcker. Above the keyboards is a silver plaque bearing the inscription: “Organ built by Iivari Koskimies, lecturer at the Jyväskylä Seminary. *1.V 1875, 12.III 1929.”

Appearance and technical features

The organ is housed in a topless case, with three flats forming the façade. the midmost triangular flat is open at the top; the flanking flats only consist of three pipes. The case is simple and straightforward. There is no decoration; only the structure of the case itself and thin mouldings along the edges punctuate the façade.

The chests are placed in line, the rearmost Subbass chest being at floor level. The chests are typically Walcker-like pneumatic cone chests with relays operated by small bellows.

The fixed console is on the front wall of the instrument. The stop tabs are placed in a row above the keyboards. On the floor is a single-fold parallel bellows — the reservoir — under which is the feeder bellows. Its foot lever was originally mounted at the bottom of the left side wall, but it has been removed.

Musical properties

The sound of the organ is typical for its time. The instrument contains lyrical and quiet tones for a number of applications. Couplings provide the necessary volume.



Manual I C-f3

Manual II C-f3

Pedal C-d1

Principal 8’

Liebl.gedackt 8’

Subbass 16’

Konsertflöte 8’

Aeoline 8’

Gamba 8’

Octava 4’


II-I 8’, II-I 16’, I 4’

I-Ped, II-Ped

mezzoforte, tutti

Erkki Valanki, Suomen urut ja niiden rakentajat, SKHS 1977. Reprinted 1999.