The PWGL RC19 build 342 is now available. This build fixes some issues on MacOS Sierra.


The PWGL RC19 is now available.


The PWGL RC18 is now available. The build number should be 201. There are several changes since RC17. Read the release notes carefully.


The PWGL rc17 is now available for OS X (Intel) and Windows XP/7


The PWGL release candidate 16 is now available.


The new build addresses some stability issues reported by our users when using PWGL in OS X 10.6.


We are setting up a 'User Libraries' section in the Downloads page. Here we wish to collect links to PWGL libraries developed by our users. If you have a library that you would like to share with the other users, let us know. Please note, that we are not able to host your files. That being said we start with small and simple PWGL library aimed at reading SDIF files.


A new version of PWGL-book is released for RC 15. It now includes a complete box reference and a box index.


We release RC 15 due to a rather serious bug discovered only shortly after releasing RC 14.


The release candidate 14 is available. PWGL Binaries are now LW5.1 only. RC14 is Snow Leopard compatible.


RC 12 is out.


A sponsored PWGL feature: MusicXML export/import

If you want to support the development of a PWGL MusicXML library please visit for further information.


There were some problems with the settings of our Majordomo server handling the PWGL-Users mailing list.

If you suspect that your subscription was not successful or you don't seem to be able to post, please go to our support page and resubscribe. If all goes well you should get a confirmation e-mail. You need to follow the instructions given in the e-mail to finish the subscription process.

Remember also that when posting you need to use the same address that you submitted when subscribing to the list.


The release candidate 11 is available. The distribution scheme has changed: each platform is now distributed as a separate zip archive. Note, that currently there is no 'universal' version for MacIntosh anymore. Instead, the Intel and PPC platforms have their own version.


The release candidate 10 is available.


The release candidate 9 is now available. RC9 is compatible with Mac OS X version 10.5 (Leopard).


The release candidate 8 is now downloadable.


Kilian Sprotte has joined our development team as a new member.


A minor bug-fix has been released for PWGL rc6. The bug affects Windows XP users only. If you already downloaded rc6 you should download and install the newer version.


The release candidate 6 is now downloadable. Note that our distribution scheme has changed since rc5. PWGL is now distributed as one platform-independent ZIP archive that includes all versions (both application and binaries) for all the supported platforms.


PWGL RSS news feed is published. This RSS feed contains information about new releases and other developments regarding PWGL environment. You can subscribe to the feed by clicking the RSS icon:


PWGL Users mailing list is now active. Please, use the mailing list as the primary way of communicating with the developers. You can subscribe to pwgl users at our support page.


For the time being the Windows XP application is downgraded to rc3 due to some installation problems. This will be addressed in couple of weeks time.


PWGL 1.0 beta rc5 released.


PWGL goes universal! PWGL 1.0 beta universal binaries version (rc4) for MacIntosh OS X (10.4 and later) is now available at the downloads page. The previous version (rc3) is still available for PowerPC based Macs but it is no longer developed. PWGL Binaries are now also available for Windows XP.


A new version of PWGL public beta (rc3) is now downloadable for Mac OS X (10.4) and Windows XP.


New PWGL web site launched. PWGL 1.0 public beta (rc2) downloadable for Mac OS X (10.4) and Windows XP.