PC Magazine Top 100 Web Site February 96
"If you've tired of the music scenes in Seattle and New York's East Village, the only place to turn is a Web server in Finland. The Sibelius Academy, a conservatory in Helsinki, provides a list of music sites that would rival a Vienna guidebook. It not only links you to jazz, blues, rock, and pop pages but covers famous composers, gospel, instruments, research, theory, and opera as well. The site's only graphic is a diminutive Finnish flag, but with such an array of music you don't need much else."

Music Catalogues

Church Music


Computer Music, MIDI, etc.

Early Music

Finnish Music

Folk Music and World Music


Jazz and Blues

Music Magazines

Music and Arts Education

Music Libraries and Archives

Music Schools and Departments (38 countries)

Music Theory and Research


Orchestras, etc.

Rock and Pop (etc.)

Other Interesting Links

Arts and Culture

Sibelius Academy Home Page


Musiikkisivu suomeksi (in Finnish) , 17 November 1998